Eclipse Hex Editor Plugin
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Screenshots (Release 1.0.0)
New 'Search and Replace' functionality implemented along with other major UI and performance improvements.  

Screenshots (Release 0.3.0)
New 'Find' functionality implemented. The 'Find' dialog is activated by CTRL+F shortcut.  

Screenshots (Release 0.2.1)
New items in popup menu implemented (Undo/Redo). The menu is activated by the left mouse click on the table.  
The plugin preferences page improved. Configuration of Undo/Redo functionality added.  
Screenshots (Release 0.2.0)
Individual cell background highlighting  
The plugin preferences page improved.  
Screenshots (Release 0.1.2)
The plugin preference page was enhanced. Now it contains a button for manual plugin association with all registered file extensions. The new "Debug mode" checkbox enables/disabled the debug mode. If Debug mode is enabled, the plugin writes some debug info into the Eclipse log file.  
The plugin status bar now shows also a file size.  
Screenshots (Release 0.1.0)
New popup menu implemented. It is activated by the left mouse click on the table.  
Data insertion implemented. New pre-initialized data is inserted into the table at the current cursor position. Single-byte insertion without a dialog can be invoked simply by pressing the Insert key.  
Appending new data at the end of the file implemented. This menu item is enabled only for the last byte in the table or in case of empty file.  
Data deletion implemented. Specified amount of data is deleted from the current cursor position. Single-byte can be deleted by pressing the Delete key.  
Moving cursor to a specified position implemented. The position can be specified by a Dec or Hex offset, moving mode can be: absolute, relative down or relative up (from the current cursor position).  
New status bar implemented. The bar located below the hex table shows the cursor position and the current selected cell value in hex, dec, oct and bin radixes.
...and finally a very useful functionality - About dialog box.  
Screenshots (Release 0.0.4)
Hex viewer  
Hex editor  
Encoding selector  
Plugin preferences  
Entire desktop  
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